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So… *cue creepy sci-fi music*

I’ve been workin’ on something VERY interesting behind my house in staff-town >:D

It started out, as kind of a joke-response to eGI, and his constant plaguing of my house (first chicken spam for bird flu, then named cow spam for mad cow disease!) It was decided, that we needed a CDC (center for disease control) to deal with all of these hazardous outbreaks. 

So I built one! >:D

The top layer, is the first modern building i’ve ever built. (not too bad i don’t think?) and consists of the office layer. You can take the elevator around the corner, and check out the basement levels.

The first floor basement is the only one i’ve worked on so far, but it’s the best (i’m totally biased. it’s pretty awesome). It’s the Virology level, where all diseases are studied (including animal testing, which is bad yo) and a cryogenics chamber. 

The Caution sign is actually a map of a HUGE 128x128 flat pixel art i did out in the middle of nowhere. Custom paintings yo!

This whole place is supposed to give a sort of “hmm something feels slightly sinister here…” kind of vibe. If it does, then i’ve done my job >:) 

((also, SO MUCH SNOW. I’m so glad i have a silk touch shovel, and an ice-spikes biome @_@))

The next level down is going to be robotics, and then power!

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