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Today, TheArchitekkit (Jim) and I had our wedding at the Clockwork Heart Clan base! 

We had an ENORMOUS turnout, and i wanted to thank EVERYBODY that attended. You made us really feel loved, and proved how much of a family famcraft actually is <333

Also i wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone that showered us with gifts :O We spent an hour and a half just sifting through them all XD Thank you again!!

These are just a few of the pictures that we got today, so i thought I’d share them with you all <33

If you’d like to see the wedding for yourself (or at least most of it) you can watch it [here] :D

captaincrumbs asked:

Hey there! Sorry to bother you, but I fell in love with your cake factory and I was wondering if it'd be ok for me to give it a shot making my own using yours as an inspiration, I'll give credit and such. Just really love your builds!

Absolutely! :D I’d love to see it when you’re done if you post it as well <3

Another big addition to the Clockwork Heart Clan base!

TheArchitekkit and I have just celebrated our 10-YEAR IRL anniversary together (last June) so we decided we’re going to do something super special to commemorate it. 

This month (July) when we go on vacation for a week, we’ll be holding an in-game minecraft wedding on the Famcraft Server at our clan base! :D

So we’ve built a ceremony area, as well as a reception hall that includes a working vending machine, a working disco floor, a drop-party setup in the cieling, and a TV behind the DJ booth (It will shoot off fireworks behind the glass which looks really cool :D)

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