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I’m having the absolute WORST builder’s block right now ._. 

I feel absolutely terrible, but i don’t want to work on any of my projects. The Medieval section of the carnival needs SO MUCH planning, the Zoo is driving me mad because it relies so heavily on player heads and I’m already having to re-design several animals/exhibits because players have changed their heads, I’ve no idea what section to do next on the lab, and I have SO MANY map orders to do for people because I just couldn’t say “no” that now i’m swamped on top of everything else I have. 

And of course if I don’t get on at ALL, then i risk the chance of losing my position as staff, which is NOT helping stress levels whatsoever. 



I’m nowhere near close to finishing the zoo yet, (and the lab has been put on the back burner for a bit :P) but i decided to get started on a project that i’ve been wanting to do ever since i first dreamt up the Carnival!

That’s right, the Carnival is getting an expansion! A SECOND Island has appeared out of nowhere, and will soon be home to “Ye Old Faire”, which will house several Medieval & Fairy-Tale games and attractions, including TWO (possibly three!) new parkour courses (Jack’s Bean Stalk, Rapunzel’s Tower, and possibly Castle ruins!), A horse-racing track, a Peasant’s Pig racing track, and a Jousting arena, as well as a myriad of other things, including more minigames :P 

The bridge is right between the corn maze, and the hotdog stand, and just behind the bumper boats/fireworks display <3

Added the Koala pen to the zoo. Unfortunately, i can’t seem to find my list of animal heads, so i had to use a grey slime skin instead :C

If you have a Koala skin that you do not change, please let me know your username, so that i can borrow your head for this project! I would be eternally grateful <3 (and anyone who right-clicks on the head will see your name)

There is also a StitchAKA626 in there too, since he is obviously the best blue koala :D

Did an AMAZING fireworks show last night at /Warp Carnival :D didn’t have a lot of people show up, but most of them were doing pvp arena. Thanks to Apollo for his totally mindblowing firework bombs (epic combination!), Hobo for the ridiculous amount of “large white ball” fireworks, and Neon for his donation :D

Gonna do some more HUGE firework shows throughout the week/month to celebrate Famcraft’s birthday :D

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